Services Available

High-Quality Content Tailored to Your Needs

Technical Reports (Starting at $750)

Finished reports include:

  • Thorough literature review
  • Rudimentary data analysis
  • Creation of relevant images, charts, tables
  • Referenced bibliography
  • APA style formatting

Blog Posts (Starting at $250/1000 words)

Tailored to your specifications, blog posts (may) include:

  • Appropriate background research
  • Relevant backlinks
  • Style formatting
  • Free stock images
  • Meta description
  • Social media posts

Grant Preparation (Starting at $50/hour)

Local, state, or federal grant preparation including:

  • Thorough literature review
  • Content production
  • Cross-checking content of all sections
  • Ensuring content fits grant call
  • Style formatting

Great to work with, thinks independently and helps you to get the job done. She took ownership and went more than the extra mile to get the project done in time! We will definitely work with her again.

Amanda has created a high-quality report that will help us with the marketing of our products. The previous bibliographic research done by Amanda has allowed her to add rigour into the paper. The result is a scientific report which is written in a way that is not difficult to read for non-experts. I like working with her as her reports are very educational not only for our customers but for me as well.”