With a love for all things gardening, agriculture, and plant related, I combine my educational background, personal experience, and a knack for writing to create customized, high-quality written content for clients.

The saying goes…you can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl

Without a doubt, that describes me.

When I was in High School, I discovered a passion for talking about the importance of agriculture. Especially the challenges farmers face trying to meet food production demands as they lose farmland to development.

After graduating with an M.S. in Agronomy, I began working as a research support scientist for the University of Idaho. My job was a blend of research, technical and academic writing, and heading out to the field to collect and analyze data. As a midwestern farm girl, this was a perfect fit for me.

As the research team wrapped up a large-scale 3-year potato rotations project, I was told I needed brain surgery. I opted to step away from my career to focus on my health and family.

In 2017, I was drawn back into the professional world, looking for work I was passionate about yet was conducive to raising kids. I decided to try my hand as a freelance writer—combining my love for writing, researching, and all things plant-related—and AS Writing Services was created!

Today I write a myriad of content, covering everything from lawn care and gardening to traditional agriculture and emerging technologies.

My passion is similar to twenty-some years ago, although with a slight twist. I’m drawn to the concept of incorporating innovative, more-sustainable practices into agricultural or horticultural systems. Trying to find that blend between conventional and new technologies that offer great promise when it comes to growing plants.

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